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haterz gunna hate

Yah I reuploaded a blog after it was removed, now it isn't getting reuploaded for some reason. Oh and certain peeps trying to piss off my wife, in case you didn't understand it didn't work the first time and it still aint lol. Funny cus shes laughin in your face. We got love you wont ever know, cus yous a fat fuck livin in your parents basement. That's all I gotta say about that. And yah, go ahead and post the quote in the blog again, we dont care. I will thank you for showing her it (again) cus it's an extra comment for me. Let me guess what happened to your sorry ass, it's typical. Your girl friend/ wife/ boy friend cheated on your worthless ass, and now you try to ruin everyone elses relationship. pathetic. ohp wife just made me cake, gunna go eat cake my wife made me. comments please thank you. 5 stars please, thank you.
Frogbob Uploaded 04/06/2011
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Tags: lol haters


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