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I Quit!

My wife and I decided to quit drinking during the week and only partake on Friday and Saturday. It has been three weeks and somewhat hard to do. The first week we got through without cheating. In the second week, on two days, I had a couple of glasses of wine just before bed, so I could get to sleep.

This week my wife had half a bottle of wine yesterday, she hadn't slept for two days and was getting cranky. I won't be cheating this week, I am actually sleeping six hours a day, an improvement over the last couple of years.

About ten years ago I quit smoking and that was fucking hard. The anxiety was at times overwhelming, but with the help of some friends I got through it. Quitting drinking during the week is not one tenth as hard as quitting smoking, but still very uncomfortable. No drinking wine with my meal really sucks.

I know this blog sucks, but considering the blogs lately, it'll fit right in.
Letemdangle Uploaded 04/06/2011
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