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Flash Fiction

Hello All!

I've decided to slow things up here in this tension filled blog section a bit.

I propose a new flash fiction and I'm gonna use a few words that I found in the titles of your recent blogs.

Now for those of you don't know flash fiction is a short (usually less than 2000 words) story that incorporates the words provided in the story. I'd like to throw a twist on this one and suggest a place or scenario that the story follow. 

You guys ready?   Here we go!



Location or Scenario:


I started thinking about this as I was writing this and I had no idea where to go with this one but I know there are many better writers here than me. I hope I can come up with something worthy of your time.  I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the twists you guys put on my last submission and look forward to reading many more great stories

Hope you all play along


Majorfathead Uploaded 04/07/2011
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