ATT: Ebaumers

Now let's get something straight, I'm more than just a troll on this here website. I have a talent for detecting bull shit. Such as, the "women" on this page. I've came to clear the waters with my second job here on Ebaums. Finding shit out no one wants to hear.


Now we're going to touch on the "women" on this site, 99% of these so called "women" are men. If you've fallen for this trap then I'm glad, it makes me not on feel as gay you. The touchy point on this is, alot of these "women" will try to get you look at their vaginas webcam, when you flip on the cam, you see a hairy shaft and a fat mans beer belly. Have no fear though my friends, you're not a complete homosexual, unless you enjoyed it.



Now onto my next subject. 'Faceless' people. Listen up you no face cunts, get a fucking avatar. Doesn't matter what, just get one. If not, your comments will be invalid to anyone on here. Why? Because you're just a fucking homo dick sucker, plus we're trolls and we like to pick on you. So to avoid any further more embarrassment get a face.



Uploaded 04/09/2011
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