Nephew Grounded

My nephew is smarter than the other kids in his class.  How did this get him grounded, you ask?  Well, apparently, he's frustrated with the fact that the teacher has to go slow for the sake of the other students who don't pick up on things as quickly as he does, annoyed by obvious stupidity on the part of his so-called peers and he's been acting up in class because of it.  That's why he's grounded.

Kind of reminds me of my own childhood, to be honest.  I remember being annoyed when my teachers would ask me to put away "The War of the Worlds" to come read "See Spot Run" aloud with the rest of the class.  I finally got them to put me in a different class one day when I got the idea to put my own words on the oral spelling test.  Instead of the two-syllable words ending with "ing" the teacher was calling out, I put words like "tedium," "delirium," "somnolent," "comatose" and so on.  Subtle, no?

Maybe I should pass this idea along to him.
Uploaded 04/09/2011
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