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Random Thoughts..

1. Mona Lisa in a bikini sitting on the pile of money in The Dark Night(the one that the joker burns).

2. Sitting here stirring my chicken noodle soup thinkin' What if Jeffrey Dahmers real punishment    was that, in jail, showers are after lunch.. assuming my assumption is correct; he got hungry in the showers.

3. Next Monday: 11th quiz for English on "The Loons" by Margaret Lawrence.

4. Heyhowareya!

5. That's bad.

6. "Such fire was not by water to be drown, nor he, his nature changed by the changing ground" (Ludovico Ariosto)

7. If God is in each of us, is it like the incredible voyage? In Heaven is there a novel or a movie (perhaps one time box office hit) called a journey to the center of STeeLyGoNaDS?

8. Loafting on Homework..
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