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What size is a bbw? I am seeing bbw pics or people posting they are a 350 lb bbw. I would not classify a 300+ lb woman who is 5'5" a bbw but a fucking fat ass or a whale. My thought was a bbw has big tits, a big ass, and a bit of extra meat on them not another person or two. I also thought they had to have a beautiful face not just a face. Seems like a lot of these woman also fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch, twig and piece bark sticking out on the way. Bbw is big beautiful woman so I'm making a new one for all these so called bbws, ufw ugly fat woman. So I would very much like to hear other peoples opinions on what really makes a bbw. Was my understanding of the term wrong or did every gigantic cow who lives off McDonald's and donuts just start calling themselves this as well.
mrcashjeans Uploaded 04/10/2011
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