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Mommy, I am sorry!


I didn't pick up my toys last night...

Mommy, I am sorry.  Had I known it would make you so upset, I would have picked them up.

I argued with you, in the way that only a 5 year old can argue.  I am sorry mommy, I promise not to argue with you again.  Please stop this, the water is cold....

I hear my baby sibling crying mommy, screaming, and I hate it when she screams.  It hurts my ears.  The water is cold mommy.

My two year old brother likes the water mommy, he always likes the water, but he doesn't know anything is wrong.  I do though mommy, and I am sorry for whatever I did.

Was it the cookies?  Because i got all those crumbs on your bed and you yelled at me?  I am sorry mommy, I promise to clean it up better next time.  I am sorry mommy, please get us out of here.

I can't open my door mommy, and the water is getting deeper... how long will we be here mommy? I don't like this... the water is very very cold mommy.

Why did you drive us in the water mommy?

I am supposed to start school next yeaR, I am so happy to go to school, why are we in the water mommy?

I am sorry... for making you so upset.  I do not understand why you are mad and need help to do better.  Please mommy, take us home and tell us how to do better.


I don't like this mommy, I can't hear the baby anymore mommy... and little brother is crying.  Why are we here?


HunterDad Uploaded 04/13/2011
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