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Not Like You

I am not a snake, as you seem to think. I am bold in my intentions and actions, hiding nothing, never sneaking. I find it amusing that you try to throw me into the same bucket you hide in the bottom of. I am not like you at all. NOT ONE BIT.
Your game is over, and I am done playing. Seriously, spying on me and reporting back to you know who didn't get you anywhere, did it? I didn't think so. I have nothing to hide, but she does. Speaking of that poor little waif you have taken under your wing, did it ever occur to you why no one has come to her rescue? It's because she is not a victim, but a victimizer. Her family will not come to her "rescue" because she plays games, uses people, and abuses them when she does not get her way. She's using you. Can't you see that?
And how does that make you feel? Fucking bitch.
creeping_jennie Uploaded 04/13/2011
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