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What I is. Its a poem, bitch.

I's see in front of me
I's see in back of me
I's see all arounds me
I's see because I has eyes
I's see because I's has a brain

I is a man that has his glock
I is a man that be a figure
I is a man that has his cock
I is a man that see the future

I's be a animal
I's be a dog
I's be a dolfin in the water
I's be a gofer in the woods
I's be a nigga in the ghetto
I's be a boyz in da hoods

I gets mines
I gets paid
I gets fines
I gets laid

I gets bitches
I gets smack
I gets riches
I gets crack

SmartBlackGuy Uploaded 04/15/2011
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