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me and sjg are bestest frens

Here is a convo me and my best girl friend had on meebo:

Me: Hi
SJG: Hey
Me: How come you don't blog that much anymore?
SJG: Because I don't want to get trolls my blogs.
Me: I know they're some pricks.
Me: Someone made an alt of me, I'm so pissed.
SJG: Yah, you don't know who's who anymore.
Me: So how's the teaching going?
SJG: It's going.
Me: What kind of money do teachers make I want to be one some day.
SJG: About 30 plus benefits. What do you want to teach?
Me: I want to teach welding.
SJG: Oh technical school, that would be fun.
Me: lol don't you know who this is?
SJG: ?
Me: LOL u got trolled!!!!
SJG: fuck you get a life
*SJG has logged out*

Me and my bestest girl fren play these games on each other all the time. I know she will forgive me soon. LOL =p <3
Tyeada Uploaded 04/19/2011
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