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A Difficult Time

As if having my wallet and identity stolen wasn't enough, my mom had a stroke today.  The doctors said it was mild, but they're holding her for observation.  I guess we'll see sometime tomorrow.  I'm hoping this run of bad luck will end soon, but I'm not going to hold my breath.  Things seem to be difficult for many people at this time.  At least I have my house and land paid off.  Thank God for small miracles.

I don't know how bad she'll be.  She may have to move back in with my sister since my health isn't what it used to be.  My sister is younger and can take better care of her.  I guess we'll see how things turn out.

I may not be around for a few days, depending upon the circumstances.  I'll try not to be gone long, though.

SpaceEagle Uploaded 04/21/2011
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