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Ebaum's Talent Show Results

It was a tough call, but the jury finally decided on a verdict. They have chosen 3 users as the winners and here they are:

3rd place - Garadain

He charmed the jury's hearts with his magic show. He got a standing ovation from the DnD geeks for his "druid transforms into a familiar" trick and a lifetime supply of vaseline from our sponsor.

2nd place - Rednote67

The gig pioneer didn't win the first prize (big surprise, eh?) but second is still high. A life-size Robert Pattinson blow-up doll and a ticket to Canada are the prizes for the runner up.

And the winner is....

1st place - Trizza4show

Nobody could beat this guy on the dance floor. He already claimed his prize - a free boob job. You can admire the results, because he posted a gallery. Trizza's Ultimate Underboob is a hit feature on the main page.

To all other contestants - tough luck, bitches. There's always next year.
MrsNekoJeans Uploaded 04/23/2011
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