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Today chivalry may be dying, but that doesn't mean we cant follow the old knightly rules and make life better for everyone around us. Everything you do has a great big ripple effect that may change lives several generations down the road. The door you open for the lady, she may like it so much she teaches her boys, who hold doors for those ladies. Your actions are more effective then you think. Here are some simple rules to be a modern day gentleman:

Always hold doors open for ladies.

Learn some table manners, they will come handy when going out and at home. No elbows, sit straight, etc.

Learn some simple fighting technique. Boxing, whatever you think works for you. When going out you should be able to defend your lady.

Always work on bettering yourself. I'll share a really good website, the articles are so good. Make a difference in this life, it's too short and any one person can make a huge difference if you just do what's right. Start by learning chivalry and manners and treating all with respect, it will go a long way.
Frogbob Uploaded 04/23/2011
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