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Why Tatanka should be a moderator in eBaums chat


Hi! My name is Aaron Ian David Smith, better known as Tatanka, and even better known as AIDS (but don't call me that). I wanted to take a moment today to share with you all why I should be a moderator in eBaums chat. Well, first off, I have been with eBaums since the olden days (user plane) and I have been a thorne in the side of chatters ever since. Back then I was Tatanka and Guy Beckey (Schwing). But one day the Tatanka and Guy Beckey (Schwing) of old transformed into a new Tatanka when I told one nyyank257 that my name was Aaron Ian David Smith and he said "AIDS". Since then everyone has been calling me AIDS and I have become a loveable character in eBaums chat...even if it is at my own expense and now EVERYONE ASSOCIATES ME WITH A DISEASE FROM UNPROTECTED SEX AND NEEDLE USE THAT SENTENCES YOU TO A PROLONGED DEATH. In fact, some memorable and very meaningful conversations have been sparked from this situation, like:

nyyank257: AIDS


nyyank257: LOL

Tatanka: LOL

nyyank257: HONK HONK

Tatanka: HONK HONK

nyyank257: ART


nyyank257: LOL

Tatanka: LOL


In fact, now everytime I enter eBaums chat someone says I am Norm from Cheers. eBaums chat is my Cheers and I am its come on Powers that Be at my Sam Malone and let good old Norm take a stab at moderating the bar. Its not like I am Cliff Claven...I am fucking Norm.


I want to be up in the ranks of nyyank257, UsedCarMan, Charly_Manson, and ultimately PepperPeanut. I have a great track record in this chat of...well...I troll people and try to see boobs...and I rarely post anything to the website...but come on...take an adventure...VOTE TATANKA for MOD in 2011.


I promise lots of SCHWING, HONK HONK, and DONT CALL ME AIDS!

Tatanka Uploaded 04/23/2011
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