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Betrayal - Poem

Since I have friends experiencing what I've experienced on more than one occasion, I thought I would write a poem to express my feelings in these matters.


She dances a new dance
And I don't know why
She follows a new tune
And that makes me cry
Sometimes I feel like
I just want to die
Things would be simpler that way

Mem'ries of good times
And laughter and cheer
Tackling problems
Without any fear
Suddenly vanish
And won't reappear
I just can't be happy today

I knew it would happen
It's happened before
Love shows sweet promise
Then closes the door
I don't think I will even
Try anymore
Love makes a bitter sorbet

Betrayal is certain
So it seems to be
It's happened throughout
All of history
Cite Jesus, cite Ceasar
Cite Philoctetes
It always happens that way

All I can do now
Is trudge slowly on
From life I will remain
Aptly withdrawn
As I slowly heal from
What love always spawns
And hope things get better someday

Copyright © 2011 Cal Jennings
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