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Shadowed Place


 Poetry seems to be more popular lately so I thought "what the heck". So here's a nice family, Easter poem to read at Dinner tonight.



    Shadowed Place



Was lying to myself today

I said the demons went away


And now I am forever free

From their torture and misery



But I know deep down in my heart

They wait to tear my soul apart


What hand has placed these goblins here

To play upon my darkest fears



They lead me too that shadowed place

And hang the noose before my face


They promise an escape from strife

"you just must end your worthless life"



Somehow each time I do refrain

And fight against the crippling pain


I claw my way back too the light

Another day I'll live to fight



The time will pass, the feeling fades

The demons seem to have been slayed


And though I close and lock that door

Demons will breach what was secure.








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