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Say NO To Drugs, at least until your Sixtyfive


O. K. So those of you who paid any attention to my blogs and comments (Majorfathead, Letemdangle)  probably know I am not a druggie. I did try pot a few times but that's about it. But lately I've been thinking about a concept.

 In the next 10 to 25 years I could see my self becoming week and decrepit due to the ravages of aging. So maybe when this syndrome starts to take hold of me I''ll start taking drugs. Maybe coke or some uppers would help me maintain a level of functionality that would make getting old bearable.


Of course this course of action would inevitably lead too a premature death. But maybe living 5 to 10 years of feeling good is better than 15 to20 years of pathetically, shuffling along  until you waste away in  "home" somewhere, praying too God, Satan,or the Great Pumpkin to please for the love of Allah, let me die in my sleep.

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