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Lost my damn remote.

    Woke up this morning oh wait , The story does not start there.  In my younger and more crazed days I would often ask myself "why?".  The question was not needing an answer because I no longer gave a shit. So i was fucking this chick and I accidentally dropped her. I was going like a porn star without the stamina to hold her up for more than four minutes.  A lot of crying and one roofy later ...  spoiler alert.....Finished.

   Came back to ebaums and I noticed I am allowed to comment after who knows how long.   I will be blogging again I think. In the last year I was promoted to Head burger flipper in the district, I got married , had my first two abortions ,Now here I am ... Back like the ugly girl you banged when you were drunk . I was kidding about the district thing ..

  I am off, how many of the dinosaurs remember me?

Matt the Leader of Zombies.

theliquidsinner Uploaded 05/05/2011
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