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Elevator Jamming, no experience required. make 0 dollars weekly!

hello unfortunate and meddling people, i am starting a new trend of elevator jamming, it simply consists of a steady supply of cigarettes, several large bottles of wine, and other undisclosed substances, you then commence to making music with your face holes and beatbox like the apocolypse was knocking at your backdoor. this can be heightened by
*only jamming between 1-4 a.m.
*not ever looking any other passengers directly in the eye
*constantly looking every other passenger in the eyes
*wobbling incoherently
*facial distortion syndrome (also known as "the ole face kink")

*IMPORTANT NOTICE* i am completely responsible for every willful re-enactment of what will soon be your favorite family tradition. so if you get rich doing this by some miracle of God, give me 70% of all net profits and an extra 15% for CA invergent bonds that could be symmilated over the 10 yr period.

thank you, pssshhhht.
YoNoidsNadds Uploaded 05/07/2011
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