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Do I get views/eBones when I embed a video somewhere else, or do people have to actually visit the page the video is on?

When uploading a video, there are nine Recommended Tags to choose from:


But I only get to choose four?  And there's only a certain amount of space in the normal tags field?  What if I'm posting a News video about a Funny Stupid WTF Sexy Sports Prank Fail involving Animals and starring the world-record holder and first three runners-up for the title of World's Longest Name?

Why do I get flamed for posting a five-image gallery when the pictures are worth 10 eBones each to a maximum of 50 eBones (which means every picture after #5 doesn't count)?  I mean maybe I can understand the people who run the site not wanting a gallery to "pay" more than a video, but damn, you'd think I'd called into the Rush Limbaugh show and let him know I don't lean as far to the right as he does.

Are the Description and Title fields designed to prevent the use of emoticons?  That's the only explanation I can think of for parentheses (and a bunch of other characters) being blocked.  Here's an idea: how about a list of characters that aren't allowed, in links like the TOS.

Who do you think would be on the pictures if EBW gave higher denomination prepaid Visas for 500,000 and 1,000,000 eBones?  Vegeta crushing his Scouter?  Nyancat?  Trollface?  Fuck Yeah Guy?
deathwish01b Uploaded 05/09/2011
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