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Got depression? Go outside.

I'm diggin' all of this warmth. So glad it's finally getting sunny, Now I can go outside instead of dwelling on ebaum's World and other various websites. I think all of you should go outside too. Smoke a blunt of your finest, then go for a walk through the woods. Go fishing, play ball. Do something outside. The sun makes depression go away; So does walking. Fresh air is amazing for those down in the dumps. I have chronic depression; and I thrive on the sun, and fresh marijuana. Marijuana is precscribed for chronic depression. Get happy people; I am just trying to spread the free love; there is not enough here nor there. Go get some sun; you do need it. Don't get burned, but even just a half an hour of messing around outside will make you a better feeling, overall happier person. I'm going to go for a walk now...Enjoy yourselves, folks.
missgreenstuff Uploaded 05/12/2011
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