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The prizes that are available for redeeming your eRep points haven't really changed over the past several months.  There are some good prizes but they are either way too many points or there aren't enough of them.  I think that eBaum needs to start adding a few more prizes to the prize list to put more variety in the prizes.  One suggestion I have would be to have eBaum let us redeem our points for cash.  Part of the system could be where for every 10 eRep points you have, you get 1-4 cents or something like that.  Also, he could have it where the more featured uploads you have, the more money you get paid for your points.  Since eBaum said that your user level would get you a higher status and more perks on this site, he could use my idea for this.   This is just off the top of my head but if we get enough people to agree with this idea, maybe eBaum will consider it.

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