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Blogging Section I am sorry. My last Blog.


I admit, I'm not a blogger in any shape or form. A brief conversation with a regular blogger here made me realize, I'm messing up something that many of you enjoy.


I'm not a master of words, nor have the many qualities of complex thought that you guys have to put into a nice written blog. I lack those skills. It's a gift that some of you have.


For those of you with that ability to have someone mesmerized by your writing is amazing. I don't feel like I should mess that up for anyone out there.


So, I will cease to write blogs that aren't of the highest  standards set by the fellow bloggers on this site. I will try to get along with many of the fellow bloggers here. While trying to mend past relationships with the bloggers I have offended.


Fuck that shit I just wrote and fuck this section of faggots.



FuckyouIran Uploaded 05/19/2011
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