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A blog for Rednote67


I can't help but laugh at your demise. No one liked any of your blogs and you became a FAIL at trolling.


Trolling is some serious business, something that your 50 yr old Bi-polar crazed ass won't understand for the simple fact you have too many butt plugs up your ass (no homo).


The point is Rednote, I speak for some users. We think you're an idiot neglected piece of baboon and monkey rectum (your parents are baboons and monkeys) that the world has casted out of society. Society left you to stray and become so butt hurt the fact is, the world doesn't like you.


In conclusion, you're a waste of life, resources, and my tax dollars that pay for you food stamps.



Eat a black dick


- FuckyouIran

FuckyouIran Uploaded 06/06/2011
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