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Yall a buncha fuckin retards

   I see what yalltle geuy do on heres. yall try to be all smart ans shit, but you aint smart.
   The note guy, hes smart. The dangle guy, he smart too. SO is the sjg chick. (she a teacher man, you know she smart.)
   but you chinese bitches and canada mothers ain't smart.
   you just a bunch a whiny assniggas.
    When yall gonna see that the funny people here will laways b smarter den you?\  
   yall sound klie a buncha sad sad bitches an shit.
   why dont you all try to get some pussy or or some shit like dat?
   Man, anybody could see dat you all aint shit. If you was shit, you wouldnt be havin to do what you be doin an shit.
   das all i gots to say bout dat.
   peace out niggas.
eminemineminem Uploaded 06/08/2011
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