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I am writing this blog because I feel the need to rant.... about crickets.  There is this group of them chilling outside my window.  All I hear is chirping every night.  It's like... how the fuck can these things have so much to talk about??  I know they are supposed to be good luck and all that but they drive me insane.  The apartment I used to live in had some crickets get in the walls and they infested them.  They chirped day and night so I think I have become very sensitive to the noise they make.  Sure it's not so bad when you are walking around at night and they are in the distance, but when they are right outside your window and you can hear them over your music/tv/anything else you're trying to do it can be maddening.  I'm not a fan of squashing insects (I even catch flies and put them outside instead of using a fly swatter) but man if I was ever going to make an exception it would be about now.

my only regret is that I have boneitis

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