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R.I.P. Vancouver And I'm a running for President for G.O.P. nomi


Well, Vancouver looks like a street in Iraq. Yup, fuckers were burning shit, fucking in the streets, beating up bald guys, and a man died.

Now I'm not going to make funof the Canadians, hockey is all they have. I love Canada, but this made them look stupid. I hope they learn to act live civilized people next time they lose.

Now on to my Republican Nomination.

My stances are the following :

1) Occupation of the Middle East must continue, God forbid we give those Arabs some freedom.

2) Kill all the muslims because God hates them. (Bill O'reilly)

3) Give weapons to a South American terrorist and Iranian terrorist orginazation and have them commit genocide against their own race (Reagan in Nicaragua, and Iran)

4) Assinate a democratically elected leader (Reagan in Chile)

5) Use Oliver Nort to ship cocaine to fund my coups in S America ( Reagan and Oliver Nort)

6) Remove all medi-care, medic-ade, vetran benifits since those are all social programs (Tea Party)

7) Give Iraq WMD's (Reagan, Rumsfeldand Saddam)

8) Kill Saddam then occupy Iraq with no reconstruction plan. (Bush)

9) Invade a country with false intel and never admitt I was wrong (Bush)

Since, Reagan was our very best, I shall use his tactics to become president!

This was brief, but, oh well.

FuckyouIran Uploaded 06/17/2011
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