Walnut Ice Cream Review

Ohayou, guys! It's me, Neko Ph.D, the famous psychologist and ice cream expert. Today we are talking about walnut-flavored ice cream. As much as I don't like walnuts cause they are bitter and they can easily get between your teeth, they work great as ice cream ingredients.

I'm talking of course about the expensive ice cream, that actually has walnuts in them, not the crap poor people like Rednote or Tyaeda eat. Quite frankly, there was a lot of walnuts in my walnut-flavored ice cream. Like too much.

As the appetizer, I have chosen candied peaches, which worked great. They were even tastier than the ice cream itself. But that's a matter of personal preference - other things that work well with walnut ice cream are raisins, bananas and orange juice (don't pour it on the ice cream, you moron! Drink it from a glass while eating the ice cream.).

What are the flaws? Walnuts are nuts. You can get allergic to peanuts. Can you be allergic to walnuts? I dunno, maybe  Who gives a shit?

Uploaded 06/19/2011
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