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A Quote From A Rap Song


  Here is a quote from a verse in a rap song.





"The Politics of America has us doomed. The one percent get rich, while the poor struggle for food.
 We're extermanating muslims like hitler did the jews.
 I'm a christian but feel remorse for the Shia's.
 One question What Would Jesus Do?
 Apperantly kill the muslims too, according to Fox New's.
 I'm a patriotic american so should I grab the tool?
 Kill arabs for Halliburton's crude?
 Not to be rude, but isn't all this true?
 Sending sons and daughters to face doom?
 Be all you can be, and come back home with PTSD.
 See munitions kill the innocent mothers offsprings.
 Republicans spending is killing the economy.
 Rigged votes from the blacks, but this is a democracy?
 We're turning into a Nazi Germany.
 Full of hatred and racial bigotry.
 Monoloplys controlling our governing society."

 What do you think is he true?

FuckyouIran Uploaded 06/22/2011
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