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The 5 Type of People Here.


Ah, yes, the troll. Seems like most bloggers don't like them. Me on the other hand, I view them as a vital thing needed here.


Here are the 5 type of people.


1) Faggot Butt Crumbs (Rednote67<- Best example.

2) Cry Baby Bitches (Tyeada) <- Best Example

3) Canadians (Almost every user here)

4) Trolls (Me) <- Prime Example

5) Regular commenter / writer (LetmeDangle, SpaceEagle) They don't really cause harm.


There is a difference between faggot butt crumbs (Rednote67), cry baby bitches (Tyeada) and Canadians (anyone who believes what they say is important, when it's not. Not a particular nationality.)


I am a troll, although I choose not be a comment troll here because you have, faggot butt crumbs, cry baby bitches, and, Canadians all in once place. So it isn't funny.


If you're on night shift in the video section, I look forward to trolling with you. If you're either 1, 2, or 3 listed above; eat shit and die.








FuckyouIran Uploaded 06/23/2011
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