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Good people of Ebaum's World, please allow me to present to you SHOCKING BREAKING NEWS. 

Displayed below, is a video of an intellectually challenged, man-monkey creature, with hair dyed and curled in pathetic wannabee Superman fashion, revealing the horrific filth of its living conditions (see carpet that hasn't been cleaned since the beginning of time), and demonstrating an EXTREMELY RARE interaction with pussy (UNBELIEVABLY RARE - PAY ATTENTION).

Do not take this lightly.  Association with this creature may result in extreme delusion, retardation, and dirt-baggitry beyond belief.

Editor's Note:

Seriously.  Did you see that fucking carpet?  Little less gay-ass productions on the computer and a little more productive time with a vacuum would do wonders,

Have a good night bishes

milestyles55 Uploaded 06/24/2011
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