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The blog section battle.

I like to come here and read the blog section.  I think for the most part it's pretty entertaining.  I know there are "sides" in the blog section but I'm not on either one. I just read and every once and a while comment. I don't dislike any of the bloggers, or anyone on the entire site for that matter.  But I find it funny how you guys are all so obsessed with each other.  The comments are filled with the same thing no matter who's blog it was.  It's like you know people who hate each other so much and always talk about the other person until you just want them to fuck and get it over with.... still, it's fun to read I guess.  Since this blog really has no point I will end it with the a great piece of advice my dad gave me when I moved across the country and it's something we can all follow....  "No matter how bad your situation gets.....Don't suck dick for money." -Dad
Have a great day.

liquidlou Uploaded 06/27/2011
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