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PepperPeanut and FuckyouIran had a convo.


[3:42am] FuckyouIran:Hey buddy.

[3:43am] PepperPeanut:oh hai

[3:45am] FuckyouIran:I gave my Ebaumsworld URL to people in a blog. Since public sites are personal information I will accept my ban. Just joking,not really. How is facebook personal when it's on the World Wide Web?Patriot act permits me to see peoples information to make sure they'renot terrorist.i <3 Bush.[

3:46am] PepperPeanut:hahahahaha

[3:46am] FuckyouIran:smile.gif

[3:46am] PepperPeanut:patriot act

[3:46am] FuckyouIran:I woves it.

[3:46am] PepperPeanut:me 2

[3:46am] FuckyouIran:because I'm a got damn GOp patriot!

[3:47am] PepperPeanut:o rry

[3:47am] FuckyouIran:Does neko own a vagina?

[3:47am] PepperPeanut:i have no idea

[3:47am] FuckyouIran:I bet you want to know as bad as I do

.[3:47am] PepperPeanut:hahahahaah. perhaps

[3:48am] FuckyouIran:maybe even smell it.put her tampon in there for her.

[3:48am] PepperPeanut:hahahahaha

[3:49am] FuckyouIran:Can you write a blog defending me?

[3:49am] PepperPeanut:perhapsdefending in what way?

[3:49am] FuckyouIran:Defending me from public info.

[3:50am] PepperPeanut:hahahahahawho are you anyway?

[3:50am] FuckyouIran:I'm FuckyouIran.

[3:50am] PepperPeanut:i knowbut what is your main account?

[3:51am] FuckyouIran:I only have this one.[3:51am] PepperPeanut:i call bullshit[3:51am] FuckyouIran:search my IP

[3:51am] PepperPeanut:i kinda can;t

[3:52am] FuckyouIran:Well how can I prove to you?fucking mods are like queen of england.[3:52am] PepperPeanut:i dunno lul

[3:52am] FuckyouIran:fucking famous wih no power

[3:52am] PepperPeanut:trueexactly

[3:53am] FuckyouIran:we got to change that.

[3:53am] PepperPeanut:agreed

[3:54am] FuckyouIran:So tell me, Pepper.... let's say someone happened to know the codes to Ebaumsworld.And accidently deleted a few user accounts.

[3:55am] How long before you contact legal?For my personal secuirty and confidence ofc.[3:55am] PepperPeanut:hahahahahasure

[3:55am] FuckyouIran:I'm going to HQ.

[3:55am] PepperPeanut:k

[3:55am] FuckyouIran:I'm going to talk to you face to to man.

[3:56am] eye to eye.

[3:56am] PepperPeanut:come at me

[3:56am] FuckyouIran:so I can say you abused me so I can sue.

[3:56am] PepperPeanut:hahahahaha

[3:57am] FuckyouIran:No, really though. Why are you riding neko's cock?get off the G-string bro.[3:57am] PepperPeanut:you're kiding right?

[3:57am] FuckyouIran:You made neko a complete faggot. And faggotry is not fucking accpeted.I'm going to kill myselfhave a great fucking life.

[3:57am] PepperPeanut:i did? how?

[3:58am] FuckyouIran:Writing that blog about personal info and shit.Tyeada is a no one.I wanted to see a comeback.but you fucked it up man.

[3:58am] PepperPeanut:how did i make neko a lady though?

[3:59am] FuckyouIran:i have no fucking cable tv and I need my enterainment Jerry Springer style somewhere.I come here and you ruin it.

[3:59am] PepperPeanut:hahahaha, you're crazy

[3:59am] FuckyouIran:Define crazy.

[4:00am] PepperPeanut:hahahaha, crazy is your interpretation

[4:00am] FuckyouIran:lol.giflast time we talked you trolled know that?do you understand what that does to the cerebellum?

[4:01am] by the way this site needs better porn.Doesn't have shit on Xhamster.<:m class=meebo-360>

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