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I just got on today with surprising news that all of the D bags of ebaums are leaving. I have been waiting for this day since i  first visited the blog section. I posted one little blog cause i was bored and have never done one before, and not but few minutes later a bunch dumb cunts commented on it talking shit like they had a PHD in blog writing. I might not have good blogs at all but you seriously cant tell me your lame ass "sophisticated"  blogs that you probable stole from another site is better? Im glad to see i wasn't the only one fed up with those stuck assholes that think they run the blog section. The blogs should be funny, interesting, or just flat out stupid. Take your serious bullshit else where like that  kick ass website that cat with the headphones made, im sure that website will last........not. Anyways ill probable start posting more now that the pricks are about to leave, if they ever leave........I bet they will create a new account and check up on us to see whats being posted a start shit all over again. Only time will tel but in mean time lets enjoy it while it last!!!!!
SLACKJAW Uploaded 07/13/2011
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Tags: bye smokers


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