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blogging on ebaums

it isn't where they make the money. it is here for people to write what they want, and for it not to be taken too seriously. stop me if i'm wrong, but you won't, i'm right as always.

posting ip's, personal info, etc has always been the way of the "true bloggers"

i dnt go in for that shit, these blogs are for lol's and may there be many more lol's.

i heard the "true bloggers" and i use that term lightly, have left. well, ya know what? good! lets all thank ty the self proclaimed copywrite manager to make sure none of the "quality blogs" somehow get copy/pasted here!

anyway, keep blogging, stop moaning, keep lolin' and keep this site the best for humour, as we know it.

as u all know, i don't troll. i laff at all trolls, they suck.

music time...

N0_U Uploaded 07/13/2011
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