Obituary: Gyps R.I.P. (The Internet got to her)

I just got off the phone with the cyber police, it appears that our beloved former moderator, Gyps, has passed away due to an overdose of the Internet. It appears that Gyps has been so enveloped and overwhelmed by the Internet that she forgot to eat food and breathe. She hasn't been in chat for a whole good hour, which is extremely peculiar and unlike Gyps, and thus spurred the investigation. 

I would like to avoid making a verbose blog and rather keep this to the point. Gyps, who graced us with her presence in March of 2011, was a brave Internet warrior who disregarded the constant haters who spammed her profile wall and her blogs. Gyps, who is survived by her nine boyfriends, three husbands, five sons, and nine daughters, will be dearly missed by all, especially steev0, who boldly sacrificed his ICP CDs and his tickets to Juggalo Island in order to support his Internet girlfriend, Gyps. 

Rest in peace, sweet princess. May you forever be apart of the Internet. 

Uploaded 07/13/2011
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