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Lies! Lies!!!! Lies!!!!

You all probably remember a clip featured on eBaumsworld Yesterday. It was uploaded by Fartknocker under the title "Trolling Saruman". If you're a troglodyte who thinks reading books is for dorks, you most definitely won't know what the problem is. For those who use their brains and read - Legolas DOESN'T KILL SARUMAN in Lord of The Rings. Peter Jackson is a liar. He changed the story so that his awful movie (which every Tolkien fan finds as an appalling abomination) would be more appealing to the teenage viewers, who crave gory and mindless scenes. Now that the clip has become popular, more people are getting confused with the story. They are going to think the elf killed Saruman. I didn't watch that movie! I knew it's going to be awful and boring!!!!!! Peter Jackson is a scumbag lowlife liar! He should go to jail for this.
Polish_Pigeon Uploaded 07/14/2011
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