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A Message For mr sneko jeans

Dear Dickhead:

You do not own this site.  You do not run this site.  You have never neko-punched anyone.  You have never slayed a troll.  You have not chased anyone away.  And last but not least, this is not your blog section.  I laugh every time I see you refer to the blog section as "my blog section."  From now on, this is MY blog section, not yours.

And now, just for fun, let's look at  a couple times you have made a fool of yourself:

And there's this one:

And what about when I called you out in a comment I posted on one of your blogs?  I'm still waiting for you to answer that.  Here it is:

What are you going to do about it?  I'm still waiting for the dreaded "neko-punch."  I'm ready.

For now, I will allow you to stay in my blog section.  You amuse me.

I am YES_ME, and I'm watching you.
YES_ME Uploaded 07/17/2011
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