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Being Wrong

It seems like my life modo is to be wrong. No matter how right I can be I'm found to be wrong. The funny thing is that I looked the word wrong up in the dictionary and the definition states " deviating from the truth" so in other words I'm always lying....
That's how I see it now, I am always wrong there for I must always be lying.
I guess that half the world is lying because half the world to me is wrong.
Is it not horrible when people know they are wrong so they try to get away with it by saying  " ohh I was Just Kidding" I hate that expression!!!!
I hate it with a passion. lol I also hate that statement .... how do you hate with passion?
Another thing about being wrong, the words I'm sorry lose their meaning.
ahh now I am tired of writing about being wrong.
stay right people, goodnight !
sillyjill91 Uploaded 07/19/2011
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