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Musical Representation of Task-level Actions


I wrote a song to represent bubbles for a Creative Challenge the other day and someone challenged me to write one to represent coffee percolating, which I did.

It got me to thinking.  Is there  a name for this type of music?  I did some Internet searches and the best I could find was "Musical Representation of Task-level Actions."  I think there should be a shorter name for this style of music.  It should have its own genre name.

The idea is that music can be written to give a listener a mental image of action that is occurring.  In "Bubbles," I tried to give the listener a mental image of bubbles being blown and bursting.  In "Coffee Percolating," well, the name pretty well describes that.

Is there a name for this style of music of which I am unaware?  Musical representation?  Action music?  How would it be classified?

SpaceEagle Uploaded 07/21/2011
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