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A Poopy Story


I've always been curious about my excrement. So one eerie day I had to take a dump really bad and didn't make it. The warm soggy steaming pile mushed all up in my underwear. It was quite a exotic feeling, plus squishy and spongy.

I thought, I gotta touch this stuff, it feels crazy! So I stuck my hand down the back of my underpants and grabbed a fist full of stool. Brought it up to my face and smelled it with the utmost arousal. But it wasn't enough for me. I HAD to taste it. I put my tongue right on it and dove in. Licking it like a tootsie roll pop.

It's texture was amazing! The taste and smell getting every where in my mouth, every crack and every little crevice. After all of my poop was gone and eaten, I went hastily to the cupboards to find pills to help me have diarrhea so I could enjoy the rest of my poop filled day...
ZeroEnygma Uploaded 07/22/2011
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