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How about YOU get back in the kitchen?


I've noticed this disturbing phenomenon of sexism on the internet. Even though sexism has never truly died, it's awakening with force. The sad part is, this internet sexism is being "normalized". "Get back in the kitchen" "Make me a sandwich". ect,ect. Sound fimiliar?????

The pathetic part is, it's not just trolling and joking, people actually fucking feel this way about women.

I get that the degenerates and misogynists that congregate to ebaumsworld, could care less. Most of you are white males, and don't have a clue to what it's like to be discriminated against, or have your rights taken away, simply because of your race or gender. How about alittle consideration? How would you like to constantly be insulted, everytime you watch a video, and some dipshit, dehumanizes you.

I see this shit atleast 10-15 times a day, this is the problem, you imbeciles are breeding new batches of dipshits every second.


Conclusion: If you're a sexist fuckhead, keep it to yourself.


twizteddestiny Uploaded 07/22/2011
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