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blog monster: draconcopedes



While waiting on some more interviews to come in, I'll be doing some blog monsters. I have this book that's an encyclopedia of pretty much every mythological monster, giant and dragon. I'm going to flip through the pages, pick a random one, draw it (best that I can lol) based only on a description and put what the encyclopedia says.


- This is the name of monstrous serpents in the traditions and folklore of medieval Europe. They are portrayed as vast serpents with the head and face of a woman. It was conjectured that it was a Draconcopede that entered the Garden of Eden and tempted Eve with an apple from the Tree of Knowledge. Consequently, many illustrations of this theme from the medieval period in Europe portray a Draconcopede entwined around the tree.*

*Giants, Monsters & Dragons. An encyclopedia of folklore, legend, and myth. By Carol Rose.

Thank you neko for the blog title! Fucking sick =D
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