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Michael Blogangelo Buonawrotti

After reading SLACKJAW's masterpiece blog I've realised he's one of those writers that surpass their generation and can't be understood by the simple minds. How do I know? Graham Sebastian Bach wasn't very popular during his times. He had a lot of haters and all the pop-shit fags criticised him. Why? Because his music was original and couldn't be comprehended by their tiny brains. Nowadays, his music is played by cell phones all over the world.

I've noticed a lot of people attack SLACKJAW in his blogs and 1star him. Envy is an awful thing. So to stop your idiotic bull shit, as a blogger authority, I hereby officially recognise SLACKJAW as the genius of written word and award him with this Wordsmith Award for exceeding the usual limits of excellence in the Blogs section


How do you feel now, hater bitches?
MrsNekoJeans Uploaded 07/28/2011
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