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blog monster: nyan



I know what you're ALLL thinking, bob not the god dammed nyan cat again.


No buddy, it's all about what nyan really is. The name comes from an ancient monster legend from Burma and India. Unfortunately I can't find much about it because google is flooded with nyan cat (god i love that kitty). Found it while browsing my tome, pretty interesting. Not sure if there is any connection between that monster and the cat, because once again the god dammed internet meme floods google.

What it is:

An ancient "monstrous serpentine creature". The book tells us it's huge and eats any large(ish) creatures that come into it's territory. In fact so troublesome the elephant population fell, making it impossible for an entire army to call it quits. 


Where it comes From:

It is said to inhabit the "estuaries and rives of Burma and Bengal in India." The army in particular lost their elephant mounts in the Martaban River. A whole army couldn't fight the fucking thing? But hey if it's so god dammed big it eat all their elephants, then holy craps.

The encyclopedia goes "see also Odontotyrannus, serpent". Get the fuck out. LOL amirite? Oh and where is Frogbob's masterpiece art work you ask? Hell to the no. I will no longer be drawing.

Frogbob Uploaded 07/31/2011
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