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I usually don't like to follow up blogs but this was pretty wild. I found something that might prove the nyan might actually have existed. I'm dead serious right now. (for more info on the nyan, see my last blogmonster:nyan).

I just read a report from the conquests of Alexander the Great. While his military traveled through the Ganges river in north India, they were attacked by a massive snake that devoured elephants and soldiers. This was sometime during 356-323 b.c. It was described as a huge black, amphibious snake-like beast with "three horns protruding from it's forehead and mouth."

The nyan also was a "mythological" beast also from India with a similar description, as a gigantic snake that could eat a whole elephant. I am now pretty much convinced that this beast is/was real. You have an account from Indian legend as well as from ancient Greece. Pretty awesome what creatures might have lived at one point. When now we can't even imagine seeing a snake so fucking big it could swallow a elephant, that's just poop.
Uploaded 07/31/2011
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