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For 2012 and beyond


'm learning Spanish, because when our Mayan overlords come to end the earth in 2012, I'd like to reenact history. I'm going to come up to these Mayan shits on a boat, and tell them that I am god. They'll believe me, because memories will begin to rush into their intergalactic heads of days gone by, where the Spanish speaking gods came and took all that gold off their hands a few hundred years ago. They'll put off ending the earth's existence, and instate me as supreme overlord. Until they realize that my Spanish conquistador skills totally fucked them over, then they'll probably sacrifice me and all my homies.

But I'm going to have a lot of fun during that short time when I can bang all the Mayan whores I want and wear tons of gold. Rappers all over will write songs about me, praising me for saving the world, and admiring my bling.
ZeroEnygma Uploaded 08/02/2011
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