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Douche at the gym

Yo yo yo fellow bloggers if you go to the gym you probably know its important to go in pairs why because you need someone in case you drop the barbell lol But anyway I was at the gym with my homie Robbie g and we were about to go get some milkshakes lol we felt buff enough and we wanna leave and theres this guy trying to impress this other skinny dude whos probably his buddy but thats not important. so I say hold on a minute robbie g well go to macdonalds in a moment this is gonna be funny. that guy was a total newbie and had no idea about weightlifting and he didnt tell the other guy to stand behind him and hold the barĀ  so it was obvious hes gonna get squishy lol and he probably didnt even know what he did wrong always ask somebody to hold the bar otherwise you may crush your ribs.
cutedude Uploaded 08/02/2011
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Tags: gym douchebag


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