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Blog Wars


     Just what are blog wars?  They are useless attempts to make someone hurt or upset.  I already know a few of you will tear me down because I'm faceless.  You'll insult me, and tell me I'm worthless.  I think this is an attempt to make you feel better for you own lack of character.


     Here's an idea:  We all lack in one area or another.  So,  instead of tearing into each other, let's work with each other.  Let's teach each other, and be friends, as a whole, not as 1/2 MrsNekoJeans and 1/2 Tyeada.  If those two camps join, the strength of this blog section would be more than doubled.  Nobody wants you all to get along with each other.


     There are plenty of good ideas floating around out there.  We all have our weaknesses, let's all make them our strengths instead.  Working as a team with harmony, we can all be friends.  We can all share experiences.  We can all leave here with smiles and renewed spirits.



Im_just_nobody Uploaded 08/02/2011
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